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Barks & Rec Daycare

We are very excited to be able to offer daycare. Our open environment and activity filled yards will have your pup coming home excited to just chill on the couch after a long day of play. 


Not all dogs are the same, so we offer varying styles of daycare to accommodate the biggest buttheads, or the shyest pups. Please read below to be on the same page as our team.

Hours & Info

Drop-off hours: 

7:30am - 9:30am

Pick-up hours:

4:00pm - 6:30pm

Late pick-up with no notice will incur a $5 charge. 

If you need special accommodations for drop-off or pick-up. Please email

*Important to note:

We temperament test and assess all of our guests. If your dog has any issues, it'll be noted on their report card when they come home. Or you may be asked to pick them up early if we don't have space for them in a kennel or crate.


Our facility has a

 No Nonsense Policy

If your dog injures another guest, they will not be welcomed back. 

Potential Discounts

Veterans Discount 10%

First Responder Discount 10%

Former Off Leash Client 1 day off ( 4 day minimum booking )

Double Dog $5 off per dog per day

Over 10 day booking 1 day off

 So What's Next?!

Similar to us people, every dog may not enjoy the same experiences. With that in mind, we have made our daycare programs to meet the unique needs and characteristics of each pet.

Before our assessment process, it is crucial you tell us where you honestly think your dog belongs. That way all guests, team members, and your dog has the best experience possible.

Additionally, we carefully introduce the dogs utilizing outdoor kennel spaces within the yards. Which allows us to gauge which playgroups they belong in. We then personalize our playtimes according to the interests of each guest. We’ll send over report cards after the first visit and make recommendations to set your dog up for success!

Apply to the daycare you think you'd fit in best with. After review, we'll approve you with a follow-up email containing a link to make appointments. 

Social Daycare


This is for pups that are good with other dogs, enjoy playing, and being in/outside. There are day breaks where your pet will get a nap in with the group. There will always be a staff member with them assuring a fun, and safe daycare environment. 

Space Dependent

Independent Daycare


ID is for dogs that have a hard time being social. Whether it be social anxiety, or aggression. They will get their own covered kennel space. 20ft by 7ft. This includes a bed, toys, and an indoor space for them to rest. They will get playtime multiple times a day with one of our dog handlers.

Limited Capacity

I highly recommend it! My dogs came home exhausted from all their playing at Barks & Rec! Also, the staff was super cautious with my dogs as both my dogs can become aggressive with toys/food. My dogs will be returning when we go on vacation. Barks & Rec is one place I trust with my babies. This is not like any other kennel! They actually play and love on them like they are their own.

Genevieve Partsch

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