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Spending on your dog is an investment that we take seriously. Please review our different pricing options and the new 'Rec Pass.' So you can get the most bang for your buck when it comes to getting your dog the services they need!

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Pet Lodging

Each dog gets their own private run that is 5 ft by 10 ft, with one neighbor on each side. This space is for bedtime & an area to rest, in between potty and playtime breaks. It is climate controlled. We have classical music playing at all times to keep our space calm and collected.


During the day your dog will be getting a minimum of four 45 minute play-time sessions with a handler or other dogs if yours is feeling social.

Can be space dependent

In-Home Boarding

For dogs that may need some support transitioning out of their home routine. They join us in ours! Sleeping and resting takes place in their own crate or pen which we can provide. 

If they're social, we take them out with our pack! If not, no worries. We'll have some 1:1 time with one of our family members. They also get some quality time while we watch our evening shows and eat dinner. See our Facebook for photos!


This option is space & crate availability dependent

Pet Lodge or In-Home
Refresher Training

For our former training clients through OLK9. When your pup stays with us, we'll freshen up on some of those commands with a 30-min refresher session everyday they stay with us. If you have specific commands in mind, we're happy to focus on those during their stay.

This option is space & crate availability dependent

Special Accommodation 

Sometimes dogs that come to stay need some special assistance or extra care. We try to keep our doors open to any and all dogs. Reach out, and we'll connect you to one of our scheduling staff for more information. 

Over Night Boarding 

Day Boarding

Going to a Duck game? Maybe you're off fishing for the day or want to hit the coast with the kids?​

We got you covered. Bring your dog's to come stay for the day!


This option is only available for weekends. 

Dog with Toy

Social Daycare

As low as $22.50 with 'Rec Pass'

Our social daycare dogs get to play indoors and outdoors. On the tour part of our page, we have photos of their area.

From drop-off to pick-up, they'll be with their regular friends exploring the yard having fun. Throughout the week, we take the dogs out on walk around the property and sometimes extended field trips to the lake. Sometimes we explore other yards as well, letting them stretch their legs and have a blast smelling on the new smells.

In between these fun memories, we have the dogs staying in different climate controlled indoor areas to rest and chill out. Sometimes playing can be exhausting so we give them time to mellow out!

Independent Daycare

As low as $29.50 with 'Rec Pass'

Some of our dog's have a difficult time getting along with others. Or maybe they just have such bad anxiety they get overhwhelmed by the other dog's playing. That is no problem!! Everyone deserves the opportunity for daycare. 

Our independent daycare dog's get a great experience with a few of our handlers. They get to run around freely or on leash checking out some of our more private yards and getting to have fun with the team member who is accompanying them. We have an indoor/outdoor kennel area where we put them during the chill parts of the day or feeding time. If they have a brother and sister that gets along with them. Please bring them along! We have tons of duos that come through that have a blast. 


White Dog

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Potential Discounts

-Veterans Discount 10%

- First Responder Discount 10%

- Former Off Leash Client 1 day off ( 4 day minimum booking )

- Double Dog $5 off per dog per day

- Over 10 day booking 1 day off

You cannot stack discounts. Discounts can't be used with Rec Pass.

If you fall into a discount category, please communicate when booking.

Rec Pass

Daycare Only
SD - Social Daycare
ID -
Independent Daycare

Purchase Instructions

When you go to make your next booking, there will be an

'Additional Information'

Part of your request. Put in which pass you want, and we'll assign it to your account. You'll then receive an invoice with your confirmation email for the pass. We will automatically use the days on your pass to fund your daycare days, unless we hear from you otherwise. Thank you for staying with us, we're very excited to begin offering the

'Rec Pass'

If you have any questions, please email:


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