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This is Barks & Rec

This is Barks & Rec

What do we offer?

One size does not fit all. So we offer various daycare styles, boarding packages, and training programs that can fit the unique needs of any dog. Check out the section below for more information!

Barks & Rec Boarding and Daycare

Barks & Rec



Barks & Rec is our daycare and boarding program. It is focused on being a home away from home, with tons of exciting activities

to join in on.

With an array of options. Our team is well suited to support any and all of your training goals. Take a look at your group classes, lessons, and board & trains. All led and taught by our expert instructors. 


Orchard Point Kennels holds a special place in the hearts of many locals in the Alvadore, Eugene, and Springfield communities. Sharing a fence with Orchard Point Park, OPK once served as a pet boarding center for many, but it has remained vacant for over a decade, missing  even a single wagging tail.

That era has come to an end! In June 2023, our family took over OPK, breathing new life into this historic landmark. Now, OPK is home to various trainers, our Barks & Rec boarding and daycare program, and more pet services on the way!

Our family's passion for dogs runs deep, shaped by thousands of hours dedicated to nonprofit dog rescue work. Over the years, we've acquired extensive experience and training in various methods to support these rescue dogs.

We've always envisioned creating a dog resort—a place where dogs can play and stay while their owners are away! Conveniently located near town and the Eugene airport, OPK is the perfect destination for your dog's vacation and training needs.

If you're interested in learning more about us and our exciting plans for OPK, click on the paw below to meet the OPK team!