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Build Your Shoot

Below we have some different filter & location choices for your shoot. Along with specific pricing and instructions on where to go when you're ready to book. You'll select your favorable options on our sign-up form.

There will be a message box at the bottom of the page if you have questions. Thank you!

Filter Options


Bold & Saturated


Warm & Muted


Black & White

You'll get all of your photos in your chosen filter. You can also have it be photographers choice if you can't decide! You'll get the outtake images separately (non filtered images).

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Theme / Background

Click on the images to check out the different location themes!


Pricing & 


 $75 - Per Additional Dog 

Now that you know what options you want. Please use the button below to fill out our sign-up form. This is where you'll physically select your options.


We'll contact you within 3-5 business days, and get you on the calendar! 

Note: Please make sure your dog is well groomed, and exercised before arriving. That way we can focus the hour on just photos!

Lets Chat

We'll be in touch!

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