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Let's go for a tour!

Pee spots galore...

Home from above!

When you're taking off from the Eugene airport, remember to let us know if this picture still accurate.

Thanks Google!

Barks & Rec Play Yard

Our Barks & Rec play yard is setup for fun! It has come along way to be a safe, and open aired environment for dogs to run freely. There are privacy blockers on all the fences to deter dogs from attempting to leave the yard. Lots of fun play structures and agility pieces for the pups to test out. As well as bark chips to keep them from being TOO muddy. This yard is connected to an indoor barn, to allow an easy running flow and plenty of space to tire out before coming home. 

Indoor/Covered Daycare Space

The daycare covered outdoor space is a roofed 45ft by 15 ft open-air kennel. This is our space for introducing new dogs into the pack, and also separating dogs when they're overstimulated.


There are three sections that all can be separated by a door sized gate, it's a great space.
The barn area, is indeed a horse stall barn. We've converted a large section into an inside area, allowing
 the dogs to run in and out of when the Oregon weather inevitably hits. There are rubber mats and beds inside to relieve their paws when they get tired. There are two horse stalls in the back, for when things get over stimulating in the play area. 


Yards Yards Yards

We have nine fully fenced areas. All some measuring up to a 1/3 acre in size. Each yard is used just about every day for different reasons. Some for training, others are for hosting. But mostly they're used for potty breaks and playtime for training & boarding dogs. By sniffing around the yards, they're able to get comfortable. It's important for dogs to challenge their brains. So we have some agility structures, and various toys to encourage their curiosity.

So where is this lodging? 

The dogs are having an amazing time in the yards, but where do they get to lay their heads?!

Well we have those answers below. Have a look at our awesome crate/kennel setups in the OPK main house. For those PL Plus snuggle sessions, the couch below is where it all goes down.