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Barks & Rec
New Client Registration Form

We utilize Doggie Dashboard to ensure the best experience for our clients, and the most organized support for our team. Fill out the form below, so we have all of your information on file. Ensuring a smooth and quick booking experience when you come to stay! Afterwards, you'll be prompted to request a booking.

Pretty snazzy!

Thank you for booking with us.

- Barks & Rec Team

Pet Lodging

Each dog gets their own private run, with one neighbor on each side. This space is for bedtime & an area to rest, in between potty and playtime breaks

Can be space dependent

In-Home Boarding

For dogs that may need some support transitioning out of their home routine. They join us in ours! Sleeping and resting takes place in their own crate or pen which we can provide. 


This option is space & crate availability dependent

Pet Lodge or In-Home
Refresher Training

For our former training clients through OLK9. When your pup stays with us, we'll freshen up on some of those commands with a 30-min refresher session everyday they stay with us.

This option is space & crate availability dependent

Special Accommodation 

Sometimes dogs that come to stay need some special assistance or extra care. We try to keep our doors open to any and all dogs. Reach out, and we'll connect you to one of our scheduling staff for more information. 

Potential Discounts

Veterans Discount 10%

First Responder Discount 10%

Former Off Leash Client 1 day off ( 4 day minimum booking )

Double Dog $5 off per dog per day

Over 10 day booking 1 day off


Why Boarding?

Simply put, dogs love interaction. They love to play, fetch and wrestle with their friends. The time spent at our outdoor dog daycare and boarding facility helps them release energy during the day, so they’re ready to relax in the evening when they’re home with you. In many cases, destructive chewing, potty accidents, and aggressive behavior are resolved because dogs don’t experience anxiety, separation or boredom like they would if left home alone. If you think your dog could benefit from stimulating playtime and social interaction, apply above or give us a call!

Thank you - Team Barks & Rec

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