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Never miss a moment with your dog at Orchard Point Kennels. Our 'Petography' service ensures you hold onto every fulfilling moment your dog experiences during their stay. Our on-staff photographer can capture candid shots during their time here, or you can schedule a custom photoshoot when you're in town


Explore our options below and learn more about our photographer's profile​ 

Photo Services
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Behind the Lens

Shallise Harper

Shallise is a pet portrait photographer, dog lover and nature enthusiast based just outside of Eugene, Oregon. She’s spent over half of her life with a camera around her neck. Her lifelong affinity with dogs led her to Orchard Point Kennels where she cares for and photographs the dogs who vacation here. Shallise has a keen eye for capturing the essence of each dog who crosses her lens.


More of Shallise's Work

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