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Returning for Boarding 

Thank you so much for coming back to book with us! Here is our request page for

clients that are previous visitors of ours.


We are now utilizing Doggie Dashboard to make the booking experience so much better for you. Fill out our

'New Client Registration' profile form if you haven't already via the button below.



You can book via the appointment request page. Or you can go to the subject line in your email, and type in

'Owner Portal Access Link.' That'll be the individualized link for your booking requests, that was sent by Doggie Dashboard when you originally registered.


If you have any questions, email:

Pet Lodging

Pet Lodging is our most popular option. Each dog is in a crate or pen that is fitted to their size. Meaning they can comfortably stand, and move around. They get to sleep on provided blankets and bedding. The dogs sleep in the main house.

Being in the main house is a great place to be. We have rooms separated for calmer dogs, and more rowdy pups. All with their own stereo system, and diffuser. Additionally, we have a living space in the house for humans. It's a setup for our training exercises. When not in use, we let dogs out to hang with our handlers when on break, or while doing computer work. This is in addition to full days of play in our yards. See our visual tour for pictures!

Can be space dependent

Pet Lodge Plus 

Your dog will stay in a comfortable kennel space inside the main house, large enough for them to walk around in. They'll be provided with a raised Kuranda bed and blankets. Everyday they'll get a designated 10 minute 1:1 snuggle session with one of our handlers. This will be included with a full day of activities in various yards, with many of our team members. 


Our kennel spaces are awesome! For owners that just want to spoil their pup on their vacation at camp, this option is for you. If you're curious about what the inside of the main house looks like, take our virtual tour!


This option is space dependent

Boarding Add-Ons
Pricing is our daily rate for each add-on

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