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Dog in Nature

Meet The  Team

Here are the dedicated individuals who make up our team at OPK, home of Barks & Rec and more. With a passion for dogs and years of experience in the field, our team is committed to providing the best experience for our clients.

Read more about our roles!

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How did we get here?

Mandy founded Sevadog Rescue in 2013, drawing inspiration from years of fostering, volunteering at Greenhill, and collaborating with other dog groups in Lane County. She transformed Sevadog into a forever home rescue, aiming to provide a family to dogs who had never experienced one, even if they were never adopted.


Nonprofit work is fueled by passion, not profit. However, to support a family, financial resources are essential. This need becomes even more crucial when your family grows and rescue dogs come with significant medical needs.

Recognizing this, we reevaluated our fundraising strategies. Instead of simply asking for donations, we believed people would be more inclined to invest in services offered by dog experts, enhancing their family dynamics and relationships through training and socialization.

With an idea in mind and a former dog boarding property for sale nearby, along with years of expertise, we seized the opportunity to acquire Orchard Point Kennels!

Our goal for OPK is to allocate a portion of the profits from each booking to the rescue, enabling us to sustain our community work. In doing so, we aim to restore Orchard Point Kennels to its former status as a beloved community landmark. Additionally, we plan to utilize the space to host local dog experts, allowing them to share their knowledge and skills with our community, enriching the lives of dog owners and enthusiasts alike with invaluable experiences.


Thank you for taking the time to read our story, and we look forward to welcoming you to the OPK Family!

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Being a founder of her own dog rescue, Mandy is beyond committed to loving all dogs that come through our doors. Her number one priority at Barks & Rec is safety, closely followed by fun. Being a mom, it's very easy for her to love all of our guests as her own. Rest easy knowing that at the end of the day, all camp decisions must get a Mandy stamp of approval. 



Dog Handler

Erik is how our team remains positive at all times. Coming in everyday with a big smile and joyous attitude, he has come to be an anchor for our team. This attitude is  carried into his work with dogs. He provides an encouraging and safe space for the dogs to be trained in. As well as play during our down time.



Camp Support Worker

Danny is a local Oregonian who is attending UO full-time. He comes out to shape up OPK and make it a safe and groomed space for our dogs and team. He loves working at camp because it is his escape from downtown and the craziness that is college. Connecting back with nature is very important. And why he loves being out here!




Ryan is all about community and getting to know you & your family.  His goal is to strengthen your

 family's relationship through training. With over eight years of experience, and a recent refresher of his certification. Ryan radiates a calm, and confident demeanor that makes training with any dog a great experience. 

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If you're looking to make things official when you come to stay, Jonah will be your guy. He works on the behind the scenes. Making sure the website is updated, checking in clients & their dogs, and working on our next steps to make your experience better. When he's not on the computer, our dogs hangout with him while he's working on projects.



Dog Handler

Shallise has been working with dogs since 2017. Her love for pups is shown best through how she captures them. She has a natural talent for getting any temperament to listen attentively, and trust her. Shallise's great attitude & calm presence brings a sense of ease to our team, giving us the patience to take on any challenge in the day.



K9 Success Coach

Our team member with the best connection to any and all dogs, is Emma. Her ability to identify various signs of behavior, and adjust her aura to maintain a positive space for dogs is unmatched. Working  in training, daycare, and boarding; she's fine tuning her 8+ years of hands on experience with dogs every day. 



Dog Handler

Jessica is a kickass mom who's decided she wants to share that same love she has for her family, with our OPK family. She looks after the dogs like her own. Which we know because sometimes she'll bring her sweet Candy to join in on the fun! If she's not laughing with the crew, you'll catch her down by the pond throwing sticks for our swimmers.



Dog Handler

Stacy is a Eugene local who has been working closely with the dog community for a long time. Her worked has stretched from general employment opportunities, to hours of volunteering.

Stacy is a dog person, to the T. You may catch her snuggling with your dog on the couch, bark chips, Kuranda bed, etc. She just wants to love them. 

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